Concept and Pre-Production

The first phase of the storytelling process is where the magic begins. Our staff of creative professionals are schooled in various classical and modern story structure practices for film, television and commerce.

Already have an idea or screenplay? We can help facilitate the pre-production process and navigate your story through budgeting, scheduling, casting, and everything in between.

Film and Video Production

The second phase of the storytelling process, picture acquisition, takes a deep understanding of technical and narrative techniques. Our expertise in crafting pictures that make the best visual and psychological impact for your budget is what separates us from the pack.

We're located in Los Angeles and our network of professionals are immersed in the Hollywood film production culture. Rest assured your picture is in good hands.

Post Production Services

The third and final stage of the storytelling process is where we bring it all together. From narrative editing, to foley and sound design, to soundtrack, color grading, and other post production essentials, we ensure the final presentation plays at the highest quality of picture and sound.

The sound department, music, and trailer editor for Lost Coast Tapes were performed by Picture Venture affiliates.


Whether you have a polished script, a strategic outline, or just a worthy goal, our creative team will bring it into focus. In addition to being veteran brain-stormers and storytellers, our creativity extends to;

  • Maximizing budgets
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Location scouting
  • Hiring crew
  • Auditioning talent

And all the other details that ensure a successful film or video production. It’s what we do and we want to do it with you.


We’re in the business of pretty pictures. At Picture Ventures, we’re always prepared.

  • Single camera shoots or multi-cam productions
  • On location or in the studio
  • HD to 4k
  • Moving camera with Jibs and dolly
  • Aerial photography with drones

Anywhere in Southern California, across the country or anywhere in the world, we’ll get the shots you need and all the permits, equipment, talent and crew required to get it done right.


The Picture Ventures team offers a diverse roster of artists and engineers to bring your creative vision to life, whether you are working in SD, HD, or 4K. We are fully equipped with the latest in digital video and audio technology as well as an extensive music and sound FX library.

  • Picture and trailer editing
  • Color correction and grading
  • Motion graphics, compositing, FX and Titles
  • Sound design and foley
  • ADR/VO recording

We have the resources and the talent to make your picture look and sound the best it can.